Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Leggings are even more popular this year than they were last year if you can believe it. We all want to have our own look and be a bit representative but there are rules and there is a time and a place for everything and this goes for leggings too. Here's a few idea to wear them with.....and don't forget leggings don't just mean black! Play with animal prints, red, purple, etc.

1. Zebra print leggings with a sequence dress which now is a long top, paired with some funky boots.

2. Black leggings with a tee and a long trench coat and a pair of ballet flats.

3. Leopard print leggings with a long white tank, pink tee and a jean jacket or a dressy jacket.

4. Red leggings with a white long sleeve tee and a yellow sports vest...don't forget a white visor and some high black heel boots to dress up the sports look.

5. Black leggings with a mini dress is always safe....curb the slut look and go for ballet flats instead of the heels you will be tempted to throw on.

6. Flowered leggings with a boy fit sweater, canvas sneakers and your grandpa's top hat.

7. Multi-colored leggings with a jean mini, cut up sweatshirt and our favorite ballet flats.

8. Tie-dyed leggings and with a tutu...yes I said a tutu...Sara Jessica Parker rocked one out in Sex in the city and so can you....of course you pair it up with a retro non matching sweater.

9. Leather looking leggings with a long tank and a short sweater

10. Your choice....have fun

Leggings look great on anyone if you pair them with the right top and shoes. They are not appropriate for work unless you are in a more casual environment or a trendy/fashion kind of place..then they're ok but still be conscious of what you pair them with...a dress shirt or jacket is cute.

There are a few things to avoid when experimenting with leggings. Although we do love prints.....don't go for the optical illusion thing with striped leggings and a plaid top. make sure they don't cut you off at the knee. Please don't pair leopard with satin and skip the sheer.


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