Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here's some tips to make the most of whatever Mother Nature gave you.

CAN EXERCISES LIKE PUSH-UPS REALLY MAKE YOUR BREASTS BIGGER AND FIRMER? To some extent. They won't affect your actual breasts, which don't contain muscle. (The only thing s that can make women's breasts significantly bigger, implants aside, are weight gain and pregnancy.) But exercise can build the pectoral muscles underneath, making you look a tad perkier, especially if you're on the small side. I recommend push ups or chest flies (lie on the floor with a weight in each hand, arms out in a T just below shoulder level; with a a slight bend at your elbows, bring weights together over your chest). Do three sets of 12 reps three times a week and you could see an improvement in three weeks.

IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN HELP PREVENT PREMATURE SAGGING? Actually, yes. How low you'll someday go (or won't) is largely determined by genes, but you can slow down the process by avoiding yo you weight gain and loss. It can stress and stretch breast ligaments, your natural support system. Also, wearing a bra that fits well, especially when working out can help prevent droopage as well by stabilizing breasts and reducing wear and tear on ligaments. Make sure your bra is firm around the body, since 90 percent of support comes from the band, not the straps. Women associate looseness with comfort but when a bra is loose it can't do its job.

DOES DRINKING COFFEE REALLY MAKE BREASTS SMALLER? You'd think so given the slew of headlines last year yet while studies did find that women with a certain gene variant who drank three or more cups of caffeinated joe a day had on average smaller breasts than those who downed less, that's not necessarily cause and effect.

WHY DO MY BREASTS GET BIGGER AND HURT SO MUCH RIGHT BEFORE MY PERIOD? Blame your homones. First, increased progesterone causes water retention, which can make breasts swollen and tender. Estrogen spikes too. they are working to prepare the body for pregnancy and signal the milk ducts to expand which can hurt. For sever pain, the pill may help, as can avoiding sugar, caffeine and anything high in sodium; those three boost fluid retention, which can make you temporarily bustier and bloated.

HOW COME MY BREASTS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT SIZE? Because you're human! Very few women are symmetrical. Even a one to two cup difference is on the spectrum of what's normal. Gel bra inserts or sewn in padding can help compensate. A cause for concern, if one breast suddenly gets larger it could be a sign of a tumor but that's incredibly rare. If you notice anything different see your doctor.

WHY DO BREASTS GET STRETCH MARKS? It's from a growth spurt-during puberty, pregnancy or from other weight gain. Creams can't quite get rid of them but those marks do fade over time.

HOW DOES HAVING KIDS REALLY AFFECT YOUR BOOBS? Well, first, they'll probably get bigger. Post baby, many women report winding up with smaller breasts than before pregnanacy. There's no biological reason for breasts to shrink and stay smaller after nursing but the breast tissue may shift so that they may look smaller to you.

THE TWO MINUTE BOOB JOB: Put on a push up bra and grab a waterproof matte bronzer a couple of shades deeper than your skin. using a fluffy brush, apply from the inside of your cleavage and swoop up about an inch over each breast. Now swipe shimmery waterproof highlighter just below the bronzer line and over the tops of breasts.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO STAY VIGILANT ABOUT BREAST CANCER? You don't need to be obsessive but you do need to know your breasts so you can recognize changes. Experts say it's not uncommon for women to feel a lump while sudsing up in the shower or even when they're with a partner. If something doesn't seem right, check in with your doctor. Be sure to get a clinical exam from a doctor once a year. No matter what, don't overdo the drinking, anew study links alcohol to breast cancer. And, keep your weight healthy. The closer your body mass index is to normal the less likely you are to develop breast cancer. Period.

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