Monday, December 14, 2009


Remember how your mom always said "Get your hair off your face!"? Well she was right-you really ARE even more beautiful with your hair pulled back.

1. Try a double band updo-Work a mousse in your hair and blow dry. Make waves with a curling iron, then loosely twist hair back and pin in a bun (let a few pieces fall out). Slip on two stretchy bands, one behind the other,nudge hair into shape and hairspray.

2. Make a polished ponytail-Spritz a heat styler on damp hair; blow dry. Run a flatiron through for extra sleekness. Pull back into a high pony tail and tie on a pretty ribbon.

3. Work a classic bun-No style is simpler or chicer. blow dry using a paddle brush, then comb in a side part. Brush hair back at your nape and twist it around, pinning as you shape it into a bun.

4. Do a Very, very big Pouf-You're gonna need a lot of height for this '50's do. Start with a foam ring or hair doughnut. Leaving out the front part of your hair, make a high pony. slip on the ring and rape hair all around it, pin in in several spots. now brush the front back, secure in place and spray.

5. Go high on top, low below-This is one of the most versatile styles. It's dressy enough for an event yet loose enough for jeans. Apply volumizer to damp hair and air dry. Brush hair into a low side pony tail but don't completely pull the end of it through the elastic-you'll make a messy chignon. Now be a tease: Run a comb up and down the front and spray.

6. The super quick fix-Center part. Headband. Done!

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