Friday, December 11, 2009


First do some quick prep! Bright colors only make flakes more obvious. Gently rub lips with a wet toothbrush and pat dry, then dab on a nongreasy lip balm, like Chapstick. TAKE YOUR TIME! Red lipstick is not a color you can slap on as you zip out the door. If you apply intense lipstick haphazardly it'll look like your mouth was doing something it shouldn't have. For lasting neatness, trace matching red lip liner along your mouth's natural line, soften the edge with a finger, then completely fill in lips with liner. Now dust powder on top, add lipstick with a tiny brush, blot and reapply. GO EASY ON THE SHINE! When you're wearing bright red lipstick you do not need to add more attention to your mouth. dot on clear gloss just in the middle of your lower lip. Don't be afraid to try it out before dark. Sheer reds are pretty during the day.

FAIR SKIN-If you have fair skin then coral-y reds look most beautiful on you; they add a shot of color but aren't overpowering.

MEDIUM SKIN-If you have medium skin then anything from true red to pinky-cranberry shades will work well with your golden undertones.

DARK SKIN-If you have dark skin then stick with deep, rich colors like burgundy or warm brick-super bright ones can seem to harsh.

Don't be scared to spend more then a few dollars on your red lipstick. Think of it as an investment like your favorite pair of jeans. Go to a make up counter and have a professional try on a few colors for you...that's what they're there for! Enjoy your red lipstick!

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