Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's pretty easy (and fun) to get in shape by dancing. Most of us like to dance, and those that say they don't are probably the ones dancing around the house in their underwear the most. It not only helps us stay in shape physically but it helps keep you happy mentally since it aids in conquering stress by releasing endorphins. It's no surprise that exercise makes happier people so it only makes sense that dancing would have the same effect mentally.

Dancing is a fun activity that burns calories and you don't feel like you're actually working out. Fat accumulates around the hips, legs and waistline so dancing is a great way to get in shape. Dancing helps control high blood pressure also which deters cardiac disease.

Many high-end gyms have introduced dance session workouts. Professional dancers are hired who add dance moves to workouts. This attracts additional clientele for the facility as well. Most dance schools now also offer beginner and adult classes in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop and these classes definitely kick your butt. They may seem costly but really if you eliminate a few cups of coffee per week from your favorite spot will cover the expense.

Don't have time to go to class or the club? Dance at home! I've been known to put on a pair of heels while cleaning the house and when the right song comes on....well you know the rest. Oh, and you don't have to wear the high heels but isn't it just more fun?? So, crank up the music and get in shape by dancing!

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