Friday, December 11, 2009


DO IGNORE TRENDS (SOMETIMES)-Natural makeup is never wrong. a little bit of foundation, a neutral shadow and some lip gloss is always chic adn groomed for day. That being said, for evening you shoudl dare lipstick is the hottest trend that never goes out of style.

DON'T UNDERESTIMATE PONYTAILS-A straight-forward ponytail is perfect anytime. It's easy but very chic as long as it's not know what I mean. Some gals feel they have to wear their hair down to 'go out'. Studies show that guys find ponytails sexy because it looks sexy and also looks like the girl isn't trying to hard.

DO SPRITZ NAKED-It feels so sensual to spray fragrance on bare skin. Try a dash of perfume on your cleavage or on your back.

DON'T GET STUCK IN A PERFUME RUT-Your personality changes according to your mood, so why let just one scent define you?

DO KNOW THE POWER OF LIPSTICK-On a woman's face, lipstick is the hero. the color you choose can change your whole appearance from natural to strong and dramatic.

DON'T EVER FORGET TO BE YOURSELF-There is nothing less attractive than someone who's trying too hard. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with yourself and your look. That's as true for makeup as it is for an evening gown.

DO KNOW THAT SMART IS ULTIMATELY SEXY-Brain power is a sexy feature that shows through from the inside out!

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