Sunday, December 27, 2009


There are ways to avoid training injuries. Most gym acquired injuries can be avoided. Injury prevention should be of the highest priority because obviously obtaining any injury will deplete any gains previously accumulated. I speak from experience here being the victim of a serious groin injury this past end of summer. I am a runner and from the extreme last minute training, deciding I was indeed going to run the Detroit Marathon after all summer I had planned on only doing shorter races, I pulled my groin. Had I let it heal instead of thinking I could run through the pain and causing more injury it would have healed sooner. Instead I kept adjusting my stride to limp and ended up barely being able to walk for awhile and missing out on the most perfect fall season I've ever seen for running. (sigh) I needed to have taken my own advice that I've given to others so many times.

Well nourished muscled can take intense exercise and help risk of over training. Nutrition also aids in muscle development. However, the key strategy in my opinion is to avoid over training. The intensity level needs to correspond to the muscles ability. So don't increase your training by great amounts too quickly. Forcing the muscles to do more than they are ready for or able to is just asking for injury. workout intensity should be increased gradually and workout schedules must factor in recover time for the muscles to heal. (This was my flaw this past summer. I am one of THOSE people that literally gets jealous if I see someone running on my 'rest' day so then my day of rest is no more).

No matter what exercise you are performing, correct posture and form is extremely important. When an exercise is done incorrectly it can easily result in injury. To avoid injury the exercise should be performed with precise technique, speed, form and posture. Any kind of weight lifting should be done with a focused mind. Loosing focus puts you in greater danger for injury and use a spotter when needed.

Lastly, listen to your body. Learn the difference between sore and injury and when you know it's an injury....REST or you'll cause more damage! Trust me, I know. Let the injury heal completely before stimulating the same area again. Follow these few guidelines to help avoid training injuries.
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