Saturday, November 14, 2009


There's a lot of things you can do for a healthier you! Here's some tips:

FIND A HABIT YOU CAN STICK WITH-We all know that exercise and healthy eating are the first things to go when we get busy, that's why developing good habits early is key. Everyone will find their perfect time and perfect workout that suits their lifestyle. For me, it's running. It's my escape time away from everyone, phones, Internet and just alone time for me. Ideally I squeeze in a few miles every morning and it gives me more energy through the day. Some days when I manage to get a day off I can head to the park and run trails and enjoy nature. Yoga is also at the top of my list. Especially a short PM yoga routine, allows me to sleep better and wake up feeling really centered and well rested.

KNOW THAT HEALTH CARE REFORM STARTS WITH YOU-Seventy-five percent of the $2.4 trillion spent in the U.S. every year on health care is for chronic diseases, most of them related to obesity and/or tobacco. These are conditions that can be changed. It isn't easy but every has an opportunity to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you can't run...walk. Making some of those choices is just really important.

USE SUNSCREEN DAILY-We know so much more now than we did when I was growing up, when I covered myself with baby oil and had a little foil reflector. I am just now starting to learn the importance of sunscreen and I will admit I am still guilty of not using it at times. I really have a hard time bringing myself to lather sunscreen on before I go for a run or a quick walk around the block with my dogs but I am getting steps. Melanoma kills.

NEVER FORGET THAT YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO UNDERSTAND YOUR OWN BODY-A lot of people never see their health records, and they have a 10 minute conversation with a doctor once a year who says, lose 5 pounds, exercise more, blah blah. You should ask your doctor what's in your file, everything from the results of your last blood test to diseases you may be at risk for because of family history. The more you know about what's actually occurring in your own body, the better off you are.

FIND YOUR OWN BALANCE-Balance is a challenge. You do better work if you have some balance in your life. It can't be all work and it can't be all play. Just like it can't be all sleep or no sleep. Find your balance. It's rewarding and make time for yourself...go ahead and pencil you in.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR BONES-The older you get the more prone you are to osteoporosis. You never know until it's too late if you're lacking in Vitamin D and calcium and make sure to do some weight bearing exercise.

DON'T BE COMPLACENT ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH-You have only one body. Many STD's last a lifetime and can seriously threaten your health. you have a right and a personal obligation to be assertive about protecting yourself. It's OK to take your time to become sexually active, and if you are having sex it's OK to insist on taking precautions.

EVERY YEAR DO AT LEAST THREE THINGS FOR YOUR HEALTH-A regular physical exam, a gynecologic exam and a breast exam. No one likes any of them...just do it. It's three appointments out of a whole year, two if you combine the latter two.

EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST-You should always eat a good breakfast. It has been scientifically shown that breakfast make a difference, and if you have a good grounding with breakfast, it improves your performance the whole day and actually reduces your over all calorie intake.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH-Depression is not unusual and it's not something to be ashamed of. If you're feeling hopeless or helpless or anxious it's important to talk about that. And, know that your physical health make a difference in how you feel emotionally. diet and exercise are important to mental health. Take care of your whole body and you will notice the impact on your mood.

BACK AWAY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE-Try to pack your lunch or at least hit the grocery store and keep some healthy snacks in your bag if you don't have a fridge, even some granola or crackers are better to snack on than whatever is in your machine.

REMEMBER THAT STRESS DOESN'T LAST FOREVER-There are seasons to a person's life. There are the stressful times and the easy times. The stressful times even if it's a short period, they feel like they last forever but always tell yourself you got through the last pile of stress and you will make it through this one. I have been telling myself this one about a dozen times a day lately and I'll be happy when I get through issues at hand and I can look back and sigh and smile.

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With today's economy, a lot has changed with the way we shop and how we think about what we shop for. I know that I personally was making more money 10 years ago and never thought twice about anything I ever wanted to buy but this is not the case anymore.

Smart Shopper Tip 1-I WILL KNOW WHAT I OWN (including my socks!) There's nothing as liberating as weeding out your closet and here's how to do it: Group everything you own by type-dress, sweaters, pants, shoes, etc. Get rid of all the too big, too small, too outdated. Next look at the things you ARE keeping and evaluate which items give you confidence, fit perfect, make you feel good and take into account which labels fit the best. The labels that fit your body best may not be your 'favorite label' but the visual outcome is what's important. Take a mental note on things you may have duplicates of in category, like 10 simple black tank tops...chances are you don't need another one. You can donate your clothes to Goodwill, have a garage sale or list items on, an online giveaway site. Don't forget to sort out your makeup too. Dump it all on a flat surface then ditch any you've had for too long or any you haven't worn in awhile and chances are you wont. You may also find that you have 47 shades of pink lipstick and none are the right this case, you may need to finally seek guidance from that beauty consultant.

Smart Shopper Tip 2-I'LL SPEND WITHIN MY MEANS (See ya, credit card debt!) Yes, you can shop again. You just have to know what your budge is before you start. When the economy tanked, many women, whatever their money situation, simply stopped shopping. We are talking screeching halt! But now is the moment to examine your shop-phobia and see whether it's justified. If you have disposable income, it's OK to buy things you want and need. The average woman should spend no more than 5% of her posttax income on fashion and beauty items and services. I have recently this year started steering away from trendy labels and have found a love for thrift stores. It's the thrill of the hunt. Endless racks and then you find this vintage dress from the 50's no one else will ever have, pair it up with a pair of heeled Mary Janes or funky boots and you are a one of a kind look that you don't have to worry about being duplicated at any event you're going to. Write yourself a list. At the top of the list is the always wear that are missing in your closet now that you've so brilliantly organized your closet and makeup zones. Things like sharp black pants, a trim pencil skirt, a perfect white shirt, an interview ready suit, versatile pumps, a quality brush, hair straightener that doesn't fry your hair, etc. Essential things that never go out of style. Next on your list are those that will more signature who you are. Things that you'll never regret buying, insanely sexy jeans, sophisticated work dresses, highlights from a guru, a fancy face cream that really works. Have a 'lust' fund where you save up for items like these. You can even load money weekly on a prepaid debit card that way when you find that pair of jeans that transforms your body you have your 'lust' fund money with you. Remember, the goal is no more credit card debt. Don't forget to treat yourself once in awhile to those non practical but fun items too like a vintage cuffs, sparkly mini, whatever your urge happens to be

Smart Shopper Tip 3-I WILL BUY WHAT'S WORTH IT TO ME. Every woman is different with what we feel is an essential and what is worth the extra money. Long Black dress and short black cocktail dress always rate high on the list. Some women have to dress super conservative for work so they may find a super expensive gorgeous pair of heels is at the top of their want list. It could also be something simple like a gorgeous black eyeliner that wear right and stays put or a perfect lipstick. Point being what may seem silly to me may be the perfect thing for you to spend your lust fund on. It's your'll figure it out.

Smart Shopper Tip 4-BEFORE I BUY I'LL ASK MYSELF THESE QUESTIONS. Does this truly fit my body, not just the body I wish I had? If it doesn't fit just perfect now, chances are it never will and it will be a waste of money. Am I itching to put it on now? You want to feel that excitement of dying to rip off the tags and wear it now. If you're just lukewarm about the item, another good chance it wont get worn. Would someone who sees me on the street think, She looks great? When you spot someone in a great outfit, you can't help but take a second look. It's good to get noticed, because it builds confidence. Will I want to wear this next month, next season, next year? As I age a bit I'm leaning more toward pieces that flatter and will continue to flatter in the future. Think of clothes like you would your 401K, a long term investment.

Smart Shopper Tip 5-I'LL RE-WEAR AND REUSE MY STUFF WITH PRIDE! Whether you pay a little or a lot, true value is in how often you use what you buy. If you spend a large amount on a spectacular item that gets worn over and over again over the years, the price per wear goes lower and lower.

Smart Shopper Tip 6-SURE I'LL GET THE TRENDS FOR LESS! Look for the instyle trends at great prices and you can feel good about your spending. Don't be afraid to look on sale racks. I mean really, does anyone know if it was last month or last year's item for that matter? It's not like the trends years ago of rolled up jeans, or black jelly bracelets, MC hammer pants, etc. Time sensitive trends really aren't the thing anymore since it's basically an anything goes world now so so if you pay half price for that Abercrombie tee that looks just like the rest of their tees....will anyone really know?

Smart Shopper Tip 7-I'LL NEVER HAVE BUYER'S REMORSE AGAIN! Yes, it is possible. Just figure out why you make bad buys so you can learn to shop smarter. Everybody has one or two or four or six shopping weaknesses, they're part of our human wiring. Emotional processes in the brain are faster than cognitive processes. Therefore, your mind gets the 'love that' message long before it gets the 'don't need that' message. Some of us are suckers for a 40% off sign. Shoppers spend nearly 80% more at outlets than at regular malls. There's an easy fix for this, ask yourself if you would pay full price for this item. If you would, then go for it! Another shopping goof is you overbuy online. Web shopping is a siren call. Seems you couldn't live without it but who hasn't opened a UPS box and buried their head in their hands and wondered what you were thinking. What's worse is the chore of returning something often means you keep stuff you don't really love. The biggest shopping goof for women is we spend when we're blue. Just like emotional eating, there's emotional shopping. Research reveals that when people are sad, they'll actually pay more to obtain something than they would in a neutral state. Easy not enter the store when you're in a depressed state. Go take your dog to the park instead! I'm serious! You will end up with something you think you love and you'll wear once. Now go start cleaning out your closet and start your list!

Friday, November 13, 2009


You could be putting your skin through hell and not even know it. Congratulations! You lathered on sunscreen all summer but if you're about to pack away the SPF along with your flip-flops....don't! Fall's rays are just as likely as summer's to cause brown spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. Every morning apply a SPF 15 or above. Foundation with SPF isn't enough, especially since women typically spread on a super thin layer.

SKIN SPOILER 1-Going to Bed with Makeup On! A surprising number of women fall asleep without washing their face. Skipping it once a week is not a huge problem, coming home late from work and just collapsing into bed but doing it night after night can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. For those times when you're too tired to wash your face, keep a stash of cleansing wipes on your nightstand so you can swipe your face, throw away and go to sleep. Every other night you need to lather up nightly with a dime sized drop of cleanser and rinse it off with several good splashes of water. If you don't completely remove cleanser, it can clog pores. Residue may also prevent the active ingredients in creams from sinking in and doing their job.

SKIN SPOILER 2-Getting Squeaky Clean! Dermatologists say they're treating more and more women who use too many types of exfoliates-grainy scrubs, pees and home microdermabrasion kits-and reach for them too often. Scouring yourself too much you strip out natural oils, your skin produces extra to compensate. Exfoliating more than necessary can cause extended harm. You end up with re, flaky skin that's extra prone to sun damage and wrinkles. If your skin is normal, exfoliate just once a week. Oily or breakout-prone? Do it twice a week. If you're dry or sensitive, two times a month is plenty. No matter what, if a product burns or tingles, rinse it off.

SKIN SPOILER 3-Eating the Wrong Foods (or Eating too Little)! If you're starving yourself to fit into a new dress or regularly snacking on processed foods like chips and cookies instead of fruits and veggies, you're losing out on vitamins and nutrients. You don't have to be perfect all the time but for smooth clear skin you need a well rounded diet. Women are most lax about getting enough biotin and omega-3 in their diet, both of which are critical for healthy skin. I recommend whole grains, dairy foods and nuts. Also, get in lots of antioxidant rich produce including berries and spinach, they help your skin fight off damage. Plus....fill yourself up with the good stuff and you'll have less room for all that fatty salty sugary stuff no matter how much you like it.

SKIN SPOILER 4-Smoking Cigarettes! About 20% of women 18-24 smoke and it may be written all over their faces. A female smoker will have pronounced lines around her mouth and look much older than she is. Smoking decreases the flow of oxygen and increases the production of rogue molecules known as free radicals, both of which bring on sallowness and wrinkles...a.k.a. smoker's skin. Do yourself a favor....quit smoking! Getting happier in your own skin may help. Work out, eat healthier and talk through 'I'm going to gain weight if I quit smoking'. You wont gain weight if you don't want to. You will feel healthier and cherish your body more.

SKIN SPOILER 5-Skimping on Sleep! Between economy anxiety and increased workloads, women seem to be sleeping less. Beauty sleep is no myth. Our body sees a chronic lack of sleep as a state of emergency which causes it to produce stress hormones. They signal the body to divert oxygen and nutrients away from skin to major internal organs. When skin doesn't get that optimum fuel, it can break out and become dull with dark under eye circles and puffiness. There's no getting around it, aim for seven hours of sleep. For a morning boost, try Garner Nutritioniste Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager.

SKIN SPOILER 6-Gaining and Losing the Same 10 Pounds over and over! Weight gain and loss, especially when they're done quickly and repeatedly weaken the fibers of skin, making it proned to premature sagging, stretch marks and little lines. Even putting on and shedding as few as five pounds in rapidly can upset the body's hormone levels and trigger breakouts. If you're yo-yo dieted and your skin's got a sag, try a firming lotion. Most important, set a goal of losing no more than two pounds per week, a safe, skin friendly amount. Remember...slow and steady wins the race.

SKIN SPOILER 7-Mistaking Rosacea for Acne! It's easy to confuse rosacea's red patches, visible blood vessels and inflamed pimples with plain old acne. More women are being diagnosed with it now more than ever before. If you have any symptoms or if you have splotches that worsen after workouts, when you eat spicy food or drink alcohol or when you're under stress, see a dermatologist. Leave it to the professional.

SKIN SPOILER 8-Not Having Enough fun! Spend time with your friends, it's a proven stress buster. Studies show that stress weakens the barrier that protects skin from elements like pollution and the sun. When you break down the barrier, you put your skin at more risk for breakouts and wrinkles. Schedule yourself in some fun! It doesn't have to be with friends...i find a lot of fun taking my dogs to the dog park so I squeeze that in at least once a week and it's good for me and they're certainly not complaining. Sex is also a welcome prescription. During sex you release beta endorphins which have acne healing properties and also give skin a nice glow.


1. Chocolate-Women in a German study who downed a cocoa-rich drink daily-the equivalent of 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate for 12 weeks experienced less dryness. Their skin also had better blood flow, which pinks your cheeks, and was more resistant to sun damage, thanks to all the antioxidants.

2. Fruit Juice-It gets a bad rap for the sugar, but the antioxidant-packed kind, like cranberry and pomegranate juice, do skin good. So have a small glass or a Pomatini!

3. Oil-rich cleansers-They can help oily skin. Cleansers that contain emulsifying oils such as Vitamin E or Castor oil break down and dissolve dirt and oil without overdrying it like harsh cleansers can.

4. Sweat-I think it's funny how some women try to not sweat or workout but now quite to the point of sweating because they think sweat will cause breakouts. Perspiration is great for skin, it opens up pores, releases dirt and generally encourages skin to function properly.

5. French Fries-OK so they're not good for your skin but contrary to popular belief...french fries and greasy food doesn't directly cause breakouts!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here is your ultimate guide to do an expert makeup look without paying a professional $150.

STEP 1-Put on Primer and Foundation. Technically, primer is optional but pros use it. I use it if I know it's going to be a long day and I won't have time to primp myself or for an important evening out. If you use, your makeup will last all day. It creates a base for makeup to adhere to. smooth all over clean moisturized skin. My favorite is a makeup primer by Smashbox. If you use liquid foundation, spread it with a finger like it's a paintbrush. Start at your nose. Smear on cheeks, forehead and chin, blend with a sponge. If you're using powder foundation, apply it with a powder brush. I prefer minerals foundation. They blend with your skin and stay put are actually good for your skin. Buff it into skin in small circles, working from the center of your face out.

STEP 2-Conceal Dark Circles and Other Spots. Don't glop cover-up under your eyes, apply to only the darkest spots, usually the inner corners. To hide a pimple that shows through foundation, dot on matching concealer with a concealer brush. For brown spots, freckles or other discoloration, dab on more foundation with a concealer brush. Then bounce a sponge off the area to set it without removing any makeup.

STEP 3-Then Play up You Eyes (the subtle way). Dust pale, subtly shimmery shadow from last lines to brows with a sponge applicator or shadow brush. Do bone or pink if skin's light; taupe if it's dark. Define top and bottom lash lines with dark pencil or shadow applied with a smudger brush. Curly your eyelashes with a curler to make your eyes look more open. Put two coats of mascara on top lids; place the wand at base of lashes and wiggle side to side as you go up.

STEP 4-Now Apply blush to Flatter your Face Shape. To add fullness to a long face, swoosh pink blush onto the apples of cheeks, blend toward ears. To slim a round face, sweep pink blush behind the apples. The run matte bronzer beneath cheekbones and up toward ears. This is a contouring trick pros use all the time. Prefer creme blush? Apply it to the same spots as mentioned earlier with three fingers. Whatever your flush fix of choice, finish with a dusting of translucent powder, making big sweeps over your face with a powder face.

STEP 5-Last, Apply Lip Color so it LASTS. Slick on lip balm.. It smooths flakes and prevents color from sinking into lines and looking crackly later on. Blot excess with a tissue. Press on a neutral matte pink or brown lipstick with a fingertip starting in the center of lips. Add a second coat with a lip brush. Dab clear or pearly gloss in the center of your lower lip, an expert finishing touch; the reflection will make your mouth appear fuller.


No. 1-Smear on a bright lip color-try a pomegranate or berry lipstick. Or just put a pink or red gloss over whatever shade you have on.

No. 2-Sweep shimmery champagne highlighting powder onto cheekbones and brow bones.

No. 3-Tim your top and bottom lids with black liner; keep it thin.


POWER 1-To Fake Eight Hours of Sleep-pat a lightweight eye cream onto dark circles, then dab on pink or golden highlighter. The shimmer brightens the eye area and prevents chalkiness. Now follow with concealer, tap it onto the darkest part of the circle and blend.

POWER 2-To Camouflage a Bruise-There's no beauty law against using concealer on a banged up shin. Look for a product with a drier texture so it stays put and then blend well.

POWER 3-To Perfect your Eyeshadow-Shape a cay eye with shadow; then use a concealer pen to wipe up mistakes.

POWER 4-To Make a Pimple Disappear-Apply a concealer onto the red spot and extend it out slightly to form a small circle around the bump. Let it set and add a thin layer of foundation on top

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Here's a list of 25 Amazing Gifts that also give back! Change the world one present at a time, every one of these people-pleasing picks supports a charity.

1. For the beach lover-Lilly Pulizer necklace, $48, Ten percent goes to Sea Web's Coral conservation campaign.

2. For your sister with the sweet tooth-Bella's classic collection fudge, $13 each, Through December 31st, 25% goes to the American Cancer Society.

3. For your color loving cousin-Kate Spade New York mittens, $95, Kate Spade stores. Employs more than 200 women in Bosnia through Women for Women International.

4. For your workout buddy-Kor One water bottle, $30, One percent of annual proceeds goes to Kor's Thirst for Giving program.

5. For your Chic mom-helping handbags Tabitha bag, $245, Each bag sold provides 60 hours of care for an orphan in Bulgaria.

6. For the big kid-Feed 5 bear, $60, Supports Industrial Revelation to promote the fight against child hunger in east Africa.

7. For your Retro-Fabulous Friends-Sunglass Hut Artist Series by Maya Hayuk Hand painted sunglasses, $139 each, 50% goes to OneSight to supply free vision care and eye wear for those in need. TAKE A MINUTE AND CHECK THESE OUT! THEY ARE SO FUNKY AND SO HOT..THEY LOOK LIKE CANDY ON YOUR SUNGLASSES!

8. For the Label Queen-Jimmy Choo Project PEP flip-flops, $95, Twenty-five percent of proceeds goes to the Simelela Rape Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

9. For your Zen Roommate-Ame & Lulu Kimono yoga bag, $60, Through Dec 31, 10% goes to Grateful Nation to fund cancer care and research for women. THIS IS ON MY CHRISTMAS LIST!! IT'S SO PRETTY.

10. For the Techy Fashionista-Dell Inspiron Mini 10v, $299, Each computer sold provides a day of antiretroviral treatment for 11 people living with HIV/AIDS.

11. For your sporty boyfriend-Rugby Ralph Lauren shirt, $98, and hat $45, 50% goes to the Match Rugby Fund, which give grants to community and education-oriented programs started by young people.

12. For your Nana-Tea Forte rejuvenation tea set, $42, All proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

13. For your friend who's one of a kind-Personalize a pair of Converse Make Mine sneakers, $62, 15% goes to the Global fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

14. For the creative recycler-Eye Pop Art's Mandala Record Clock, $62, World of Good supports fair-trade and Eco-friendly products. THIS IS A COOL CLOCK!

15. For anyone artsy-Kiehl's Limited Edition Creme de Corps, $27, All proceeds go to Rx Art's between the lines project to distribute coloring books to pediatric hospitals across the nation.

16. For you BFF-Nana's H.E.L.P gold plated ring, $65, All proceeds go to H.E.L.P. Malawi's Nutritional Education program for children.

17. For the sophisticated boss-Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts coiled bamboo fruit bowl, $28, Supports local artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

18. For the person who has everything-Charity gift cards. buy a card and your friend picks the charity! What a cool idea!

19. For your fave Glamour Gal-Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Palette, $59, Up to $25,000 from the sale of the Wish Holiday Collection goes to the Children's Miracle network to fund medical care and research for sick and injured children. THIS IS AN AMAZING DEAL ON THIS PRODUCT...I'M BUYING IT FOR MYSELF.

20. For the bookworm-Idea Sunnan solar desk lamp, $20, For every lamp sold, one will be give to a child in Pakistan. These lamps are fun colors and perfect for gift exchanges!

21. For the Project Runway Junkie-Laur Su fashion illustrations, $20 each, 10% goes to Fashion for All, which provides clothing and beauty products for low-income women.

22. For your Green minded guy-Alternative Apparel T-shirt, $10, All proceeds go to global Green to eliminate climate change. ANOTHER GREAT GIFT EXCHANGE IDEA.

23. For your coworkers-Cookie gift set, $25 for six, 20% goes to Alex's Lemonade Stand to help fight pediatric cancer

24. For the socially conscious Sommelier-Onehope wine, $19 per bottle, 50% goes to the cause designated on each bottle.

25. For the Treehugger-plant one for $25 through January 15, 2010 The honoree receives a personalized certificate that says where her tree is!



You need food for fuel for energy for life. Starving yourself is ridiculous. Your body is a machine and needs to be treated like one. Here's 10 reasonable tips to help shed those 10 extra pounds.

1. Be Realistic-Experts advise against yo-yo dieting and so do I. It is ridiculous and dangerous to your health to slow down your metabolism or try cleanses or starvation diets to drop the weight. It has taken awhile for you to gain that weight and it will take you time to lose it. You have to give yourself time.

2. Remember food should always be pleasurable-Small indulgences are important even when you're trying to lose weight. If you have a favorite, you can't eat it everyday but allowing yourself to have a treat once in awhile is healthy and helps you actually stay on track. Opt for whole grains and smaller portions of carbs like pasta and rice. Don't' be too restrictive or you wont stick to your change in diet. Being too stringent leads to binges. Healthy weight loss doesn't mean giving up foods we love. If you love chocolate..have a dark chocolate Hershey's Kiss every day. It satisfies that urge and then you don't feel the need to overdo it.

3. Have Breakfast as soon as you get up-You want to jump-start your metabolism right away-eat within the first hour of waking up. You have to put fuel in your tank. Woman who eat a low-fat morning meal packed with protein and some whole grain carbohydrates lose weight quicker and may keep it off better than those who eat smaller low-carb or low-protein morning meals.

4. Cut back on alcohol-No one is saying you should axe booze during the holidays but after New Year's you may want to consider cutting quite a bit out. Those alcoholic calories can really add up fast. If you can't stop after just one, don't start.

5. Eat two small snacks a day-You are too busy to go hungry. You never want to be so hungry that you get a headache! Sometimes even a few crackers can serve the purpose. Snacking is keeps your metabolism going. If you want to starve yourself and lie in bed all day and just drink Tabasco and lemon water, that's fine but I'm too busy for that and I'm sure you are too. So, in addition to three moderate meals, have one or two healthy snacks. I have a new addiction to a grapefruit topped with Agave nectar and cinnamon! You can sub the Agave for honey but I'm a Vegan so that's why I came up with this combo and it is soooo good. Aside from simply making your life more pleasant, eating low-calorie meals and snacks throughout the day keeps your metabolism running on high so you keep burning calories.

6. Cook at home most days-It's hard to do in party filled holidays but eating at home is a smart weight loss tool year round. Restaurant dishes usually have more calories and fat than what you make yourself. People often say they don't have the time to cook at home, but it can actually take more time to order and go pick up take out than it does to cook. To make things easier and faster during the busy workweek, do most of your chopping and prep on weekends, or whatever your day off is. Cut up your vegetables and put then in Tupperware in the refrigerator so that when you're cooking during the week you don't have to sit and chop onions and peel garlic...they're all ready to go. This way when you come home starving from work, life is much simpler when things are ready to be cooked. There's also a nice physical aspect when you cook...instead of watching TV, waiting for your food to come, you're actually moving around while you're cooking.

7. Use spices-add a lot of spices to your food. You want to feel like you're eating a wonderful meal-not something bland or spartan. Cayenne, ginger, sumac and thyme are my favorites. Texture is also great! Adding sunflower seeds or walnuts to a salad suddenly makes it not a 'salad''s something much more wonderful.

8. Go heavy on the veggies-Learn to pile your plate with low-calorie, high volume foods like vegetables, fruits and lentils. The fiber from all of those plant foods takes longer to chew and digest than most processed foods; that extra time allows your stomach to fill up so you feel fuller. fiber also triggers the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that makes you feel satisfied, so you may end up eating less later on.

9. Go for single-serving sweets-I am a desert person and as far as I'm concerned dinner is not complete until I have something sweet after. Go for a delicious lo-cal ice cream sandwich..I recommend the non-dairy ones. They are low in calories and already pre-packaged so the portion part is already done for you.

10. Exercise, exercise, exercise-think you're too busy to workout? Go for a quick run when you get off work, run up and down some stairs or grab your free weights. Even 30-45 minutes of cardio three to five days a week will help most women drop pounds. Adding a couple of hours a week of sweating is going to help blast fat!


Get through December without any regrets! Choose what you really crave. At a party buffet or holiday dinner, survey all the offerings before serving yourself. What usually happens is that you just start plopping things on your plate but then you see the things you really wanted so you just add that on too. Pretty soon your plate is piled way too high. Look things over, then have a reasonable portion of the one or two things that really entice you.

Always have a pre-party snack! You may think you want to save the calories for the party but showing up to an event hungry back fires. Have a piece of fruit and a big glass of water before heading to the party to help curve hunger.

Say NO to doggie bags! Everyone needs to learn the words 'no thank you' this time of year. You don't have to try the cookies your coworker made if you don't truly want to and you don't have to take home leftovers. When people take leftovers they feel like they must eat them or it's wasteful. many holiday foods are rich, so if you have them again and again, instead of once at Grandma's house, the calories add up.

Nix the guilt! If you do overindulge, just accept it and move on. It's like that saying 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'. What ever happens at a party stays at a party and doesn't have to turn into a punishing starve the next day.

Make time for exercise! A lot of us don't work out because we're so busy during the holidays but that makes things worse. Exercise relieves stress; if you skip it, what does your outlet become? More food! If you move less you feel sluggish, but this is a time when you want to feel great! Even going for a brisk lunchtime walk three days a week can help. Enjoy your holidays!


Why do we as females think we have to be perfect for our guy to love us? Guys don't notice the hours we spend primping ourselves! Save yourself the time and your man will be more into you! It's not your boobs, butt or bank account! Guys want you to chill.

1. You don't have to miss out on creme brulee! Men love women of all shapes, with bodies and legs and soft things to hold on to and ti takes food to get that way. They think of your ribs as something that protects organs...they don't want to see them. Guys don't notice when you lose 5lbs because they don't notice things like that! They're idea of perfection is a little non-perfection.

2. You don't have to make his hobbies your hobbies and his life your life! Doing everything together is a tried and true path to resentment and breakups. It's good for relationships to spend time apart. You don't' have to pretend to like football or golf. Let him hang with his friends for this time and you hang with your friends...or give yourself some alone time and take a bubble bath. Then you have more things to talk about over breakfast! When you spend too much time together you don't have anything to talk about.

3. You don't have to become Jenna Jameson when the bedroom door shuts! Sure hot and crazy spontaneous sex is NECESSARY but sometimes the best sex is the simplest, no tricks. It's honest and passionate and it's more connecting. Sex isn't some game you win by constantly pushing yourself and your boundaries.

4. You don't have to look perfect! Guys DO care about how you look but sometimes they feel your naturalist look IS your best look. They are freaked out by eyelash curlers and don't at all understand their necessity. Guys don't' complain about you not wearing enough makeup...just the opposite. Sure it's OK to go for the smoked eye when you're going out but when you're having movie nights...opt for just some lip gloss. As for the hair, good luck finding a guy who notices chunky, buttery highlights and perfectly executed blowouts. They're not concerned with straight or curly, they are concerned with if they can run their fingers through it.

5. You don't have to be the daughter their parents never had! His parents are not your parents. Unless you spend ten year together or have given them grandchildren, you do not have to buy his mom a birthday present after you break up. You don't have to go overboard with affection, especially if it's fake. Being polite and being yourself is enough. Yes, it is appropriate to offer to help with dishes after dinner.

6. You don't have to spend money on lingerie! No-frills colorful fun cotton underwear says that woman knows she's hot and she doesn't have to convince anyone of it. Guys are already sold on boobs! You don't need a corset, a push up bra, cutlets or anything else...they already love what you have.....throw on a boy beater and you're set.

The most sexy quality any guy will tell you is our confidence so whatever you're wearing (or not wearing) feel sexy and you will be sexy!


Hooked to whatever you're watching on TV and can't bring yourself to stop watching long enough to workout? No problem! Follow this routine three to five times a week. You can even keep your fuzzy slippers on!!

1. SOFA SQUAT-works your butt and thigh. Sit on edge of couch with feet hip-width apart, knees aligned directly over ankles. Stand, place hands on hips, then bend knees and squat down to sit on couch, but let your butt only tap edge, return to standing. Do two sets of 15 reps.

2. CUSHION CRUNCH-works your abs and obliques. Lie on couch and straighten legs; extend arms overhead by ears. Lift left leg toward ceiling, keeping it straight, as you lift shoulders off couch and reach both hands for left toes, pause, then lower to start. Do 15 reps, switch legs and repeat. Do two sets.

3. SPLIT LUNGE-works your thighs and calves. Stand in front of couch; extend left leg back, resting ball of foot on couch, hands on hips. Bend right knee 90 degrees, don't let knee go past toes; press through heel and return to start. do 15 reps, switch legs and repeat. Do two sets.

4. INCLINE PUSH-UP-works your chest, arms and shoulders. Place hands shoulder-width apart on edge or arm of couch; walk feet back so legs are straight and you're up on toes. Bend elbows and lower chest toward couch; push back up. do as many as you can with abs pulled in and hips aligned. Rest and repeat.

5. REMOTE REAR FLY-works your back and shoulders. Lie face down on couch, left arm off edge and extended toward floor, holding the remote or a light weight, raise extended hand up and out to shoulder height, squeezing shoulder blades together; pause, lower to start. do 15 reps, switch sides and repeat. Do two sets.

Now, perhaps when your favorite show is done you can squeeze in a little cardio? Your four legged friend is sitting by the door waiting with his leash!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the cold months sometimes it gets harder to get motivate to do just about anything....I swear I feel my blood going into hibernation mode sometimes. Next time your brain starts screaming "Get me a Red Bull!!"....try these ideas instead.

1. Wear something bright-a new holiday dress, a cherry polish your fingers or toes-just looking at those could help you have a peppier day. You can even write on a red or pink paper. Surrounding yourself in color adds a little cheer in your life. Consider putting a bit of bright color in a room in your house you spend a lot of time in. Are you one of those people that play it safe and wear a lot of blacks or browns to work? That's fine, invest in a super fun, bright, crazy colored scarf and matching gloves! It will make you smile just putting them on to go outside!

2. Turn on a lamp-light sends your brain a message to wake up. Perfect for bleary mornings and mid-afternoon slumps. There has been studies that prove that exposure to bright light between noon and 4:00pm significantly reduced people's feelings of fatigue and sleepiness. What's better then a lamp? Step out into some real sunshine. Sure it's cold out but there's nothing like a walk on a cold day with plenty of sunshine! Take your four legged friend for a walk! If you're like me...I have no choice! Me and my dogs walk everyday, rain or shine, snow or sun but I love when I come in from the cold weather on a sunny day and my cheeks are all rosy and I have a glow.

3. Pat yourself on the back-this is a simple stretch to open the muscles in your chest so you can take deeper breaths and get more energizing oxygen. To do this, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. Swing left arm across your body, twisting your torso and head to the right and tap your right shoulder, allowing your right arm to swing out behind you. Switch sides, twisting torso and head left and swinging right arm across your body to tap your left shoulder. Repeat, going back and forth in a fluid motion for three minutes. It may sound silly but it works.

4. Take a five minute walk-yup I'm here on the walk again. Taking a five minute walk gives people up to two hours of increased energy. You can do this at work on your break or at home. Sitting there watching TV, trying to get motivation to get stuff done? Bundle up walk to the corner and back and it's just enough to kick start your mind into work mode.

5. Have sex!-this wont work on the job but if you need a pick-me-up, a quickie may be just the thing. Sex releases what is called a 'cocktail of happy hormones.'

Heath quickie-heart doctors say women should limit sugar intake to 6tsp a day; a can of regular soda has 8!

Eat more! Eat more things good for you that is! It's no secret we like to snack when it's cold and we're cooped up inside. I'm not making you eat celery either but instead of that bowl of ice cream that is just going to make you hungrier, how about some hummus or make some homemade guacamole? Popcorn, nuts or fruit is always great too. I share an apple with my two dogs every night. I cut it into tiny squares so it's snacking size and we all share it. It's a great snack and it's good for you!

P.S. Don't forget to go for a walk!!!!


The sexiest hair look you can do is the beautiful wave know, the look that looks like it just fell that way but we all know you had to work at it! First do a blowout. Starting with a straight-ish hair gives you the style extra swing and you don't have to get it perfectly sleek, just straight and dry. Run volumizer through damp roots, flip your head over and start with the cool setting. There's less risk of heat damage this way. Then switch to 'hot' once your hair's mostly dry, bring your head back up and finish with a round brush softly tugging two inch sections up and away from your scalp.

Next step is to create your spirals. Mist on a light hairspray, then wrap three inch chunks of hair around a medium-barreled curling iron, holding it vertically for undone waves. Put shine serum on your fingers and rake through your hair to gently break up the curl. Your hands are your best comb! My little secret when my curl maybe is starting to fall later in the day....I put my hair in a funky bun and spray lightly with hairspray, give it a few minutes and shake it down...VOILA, you have your wave back.

* Try to remember to use planet-friendly products. Green formulas really work so why not do something good for the earth when you style your hair? And, don't forget to recycle your empties.

* Invest in good hot tools. I use a BaByliss dryer, it is gentle yet speedy and use ceramic items.

* Shampoo twice a week if possible, three times at the most!! Shampooing your hair less keeps your hair healthy. You can ward off the greasies with hair powder..this stuff is my best friend, especially because I'm a runner but the powder is amazing, it soaks up the oil and any odor. Blandi's makes a Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray and so does Bumble and Bumble.

* Condition, condition, condition! People are afraid it's going to flatten their hair, but that's not the case. Conditioning repairs damage and nourishes the roots.

Beauty Quickie-To knock out flyaways, spritz your brush with antistatic spray like static guard and run through your hair. Everyone knows in the cold months when your heat is ran in your house you are more likely to have your hair look like you rubbed it on a balloon. A tiny bit of antistatic spray goes a LONG way!

Have fun!

Monday, November 9, 2009


This workout routine combines strength moves with intervals of fat-blasting cardio to give your he sexy definition you want. Do it twice a week and for the best results do an additional 30 minutes of any cardio you like such as jogging, jumping rope, biking or fast walking. I prefer running myself...I am a runner after all and you feel amazing after a good run. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a sturdy bench or chair and one or two fluffy pillows and a little space..your living room, bedroom, wherever you choose.

1. Elevated Single-Leg Lunge with Biceps Curl-works your legs, butt, abs, back and arms. First warm up with five minutes of cardio. Then, stand three to four feet in front of a bench or chair with your back to it. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms by sides, palms facing forward and lift left leg behind you and rest toes on bench. Next slowly bend right knee and lower into a lunge as you curl weights up toward shoulders. Lower arms and return to start leaving foot on bench. Do 10 reps, then switch legs. Repeat on both legs.

2. Wood-Chop-works your legs, butt, abs, back, arms and shoulders. Stand with fee hip-width apart, holding one weight with both hands. Bend knees and squat, bringing weight to floor outside left foot. Stand up, bringing weight close to and across body, then over right shoulder. Squat again, swinging weight down toward left foot in a chopping motion. Do 10 times then switch sides. Repeat.

3. Kneeling Row-works your back, shoulders and the backs of your arms. Stand with left side facing a bench or ottoman, holding a weight in right hand. Lean forward with back flat and rest left hand and left knee on bench or table or whatever, letting right arm hang down toward floor, palm facing in. slowly pull weight up by side, lower arm and repeat. Do 15 reps, switch sides and repeat. If you can't find a bench or anything to use I have done this simply on the floor. Do a second cardio interval of 5 minutes now.

4. Incline Chest Press-works your arms, chest and shoulders. Sit on floor with knees bend, feet flat. Lean back on a couple of pillows so your upper back is about a foot off floor. Hold a weight in each hand at your shoulders, palms facing forward. With abs engaged to support your back, press arms straight up and bring weights together, squeezing chest muscles, as shown. Bring weights back down; repeat. Do two sets of 15 reps.

5. Single-Leg Triceps Dip-works your thighs, abs, back and the backs of your arms. Sit on the floor with knees bent, feet flat. Place hands behind you, fingertips pointing toward feet; straighten arms to lift hips off floor and extend left leg up about 45 degrees. Then slowly bend elbows and lower butt toward floor, without letting it touch, pause then straighten arms to press back up. Do 15 reps then switch legs and repeat both sides.

6. Side Lunge with Shoulder Press-works your legs, butt, arms and shoulders. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a weight in each hand, elbows bent, dumbbells by shoulders, palms facing forward. Take a giant step to the left, bending left knee and lowering into a lunge, keeping right leg straight and toes pointing forward. Pressing with the heel of left foot, step back to start as you press left weight overhead. Do 10 times, then switch sides. Do another set on each side. Do a third 5 minute cardio blast here.

7. Mountain Climber-works your legs, butt, abs, back, arms, chest and shoulders-squat down and put your hands on floor, directly under shoulders. Pull belly in and hop feet behind you into a plank position up on your toes, with body in a straight line from head to heel. Keeping abs tight, hop right foot forward, bringing right knee in toward chest, then immediately switch sides, hopping left foot forward and right foot back. Do 20 times quickly and repeat.

8. Leg Lift-works your abs-lie on your back with hands in a V under your butt, legs straight up in the air and squeezed together. Pull belly in, exhale and lower legs until they are about six inches off floor, or as far as you can while still keeping abs tights and lower back flat. Hold for one count, then lift legs back up to start. Do two sets of 10 reps.


Here's an additional three exercises to help blast your belly fat...please don't forget the cardio

1. Double Crunch-lie on your back with knees bent 90 degrees and lifted, shins parallel to floor; rest hands behind head, elbows wide. Pull belly in and lift shoulder blades off floor as you bring knees in toward chest, curling pelvis toward shoulders as you lift, lower back to start and repeat. Do two sets of 15 reps.

2. Twisting Plank-get down in a raised push-up position but with your forearms on floor, shoulder width apart, palms flat, body in a straight line from head to heel. Pull belly in tight and rotate your body left, lowering left hip, pause, then return to the starting position and twist to the right. That's one full rep. Do two sets of 10 reps.

3. Roll-Down-sit on floor with knees bent and feet flat; reach arms forward, palms facing each other pull belly in, inhale and slowly roll yourself down to floor, one vertebra at a time, back curved like a C, until your shoulder blades touch the ground. Exhale and slowly roll back up to the starting position. Do two sets of 12 reps.

You don't have to spend hours in the gym to stay in shape. Take your dog for an extra walk every day for some extra cardio, squeeze your butt when you take the stairs at work, a little bit can go a long way and is better then nothing. Have fun!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The new trend seems to be no trend. Anything goes. The days of having to have a certain look to go out is over. It's 7:00 PM are you don't know what you're doing with your hair and make up tonight? No problem! There's plenty of options.

Try supersizing your hair! The trick to big beautiful waves is spritzing on hairspray before you curl your hair. Then you wind one-inch sections around a curling iron. Brush out gently and spray again. Don't let frizz ruin your look! You can dab a little de-fuzzer on strays. A good inexpensive one is L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Perfect Curves Curl Cream for $5.00.

Next is to show some skin! Summer nights call for something magical but hey, if you're going to be inside can still show some skin. Even a bit of a bare shoulder or collar bone with some shimmer lotion is so incredibly sexy..hold the glitter please....I said shimmer. If you opt for a bit of pretty skin showing, sweep your hair into a touchable updo. Blow dry your hair and just pin it up with a few hair pins and spray lightly. If strands fall out of place it's perfect.

Do ONE bold thing. The key word is ONE. If you're wearing 5 inch stripper heels, play down your make up. If you're going for a subtle sexy look, bust out fuchsia blush or nails or really wing out your eyeliner. An awesome eyeliner for creating this look is Dior Kohl Pencil in black that's available at Sephora for $26. That may sound expensive but it stays put which is worth it all by itself. Luminescent foundation can be fun too but if you're playing with bright colors on your makeup they look best against a matte face.

An important tip is to smell unforgettable. You want your scent to stand out without being the female equivalent of the cologned up guy you can whiff across the dance floor. Dab just a bit on your wrists then mist a bit into the air and walk through so the scent clings to your hair...yes, just like they do in the movies. Scent lingers on hair longer than on your skin but you don't want to spray it right on your hair. You might not know...don't rub your wrists together too hard when applying perfume because that creates a lot of heat which can make it wear off faster.

Bronze your eyes! Apply a bronzy shadow from your lash line to brow bone fading as you go. Estee Lauder makes a gorgeous one called Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Stick in Bronze. Next smudge a gunmetal gray pencil on your upper lash line and add mascara. Please don't do shimmery lips with a bronze eye. It's not Halloween! Matte lips with shimmery eyes or vise versa.

Some beauty products that miraculously make you sexier instantly are :

1. Lippmann collection Nail Lacquier in It's Raining Men color $15 from
2. Diorshow iconic Extreme Mascara in Extreme black $27
3. Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Lilac $19 from
4. YSL Everlong Mascara in waterproof in Ever Peacock Blue $29
5. Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Tart $15
6. Flora by Gucci eau de toilette $65 for 1.7 oz at
7. Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick in Geisha $45
8. Oribe Rock Hard Gel makes a gorgeous slick back look $33 at
9. Dior Addict Ultragloss Reflect in Nylon Pink $26 at is a gorgeous gloss

These are just a few products. Some people cant think about spending more than $10 a beauty product and believe me, I am not a rich person but I feel that a pamper or amazing beauty product is an investment. If it is a good product that looks amazing and makes you feel good when you wear it then it is worth every penny. You deserve it! You can even put a dollar away everyday and then when you find a product you want to splurge on you use your 'beauty fund'. Sephora is really good about having very qualified beauty professionals to give you an honest opinion on a product or show you how to use something properly. Have fun on your night out when your new sexy look!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Whether you're shooting for your first job or your next promotion, appearances count now more than ever. Wear clothes that impress. Make sure your 'look' looks pulled together. Choose more tailored options, pants instead of capris, the shirtdress and not the sundress. Dress like the women executives at your company even if you're not.

An important thing to remember is to not under do it in casual fields because you never know who you will run into. If jeans are OK at your office, opt for a dark denim and never holes or distressed looks. Casual Fridays does not necessarily mean a pair of sneakers, try out a comfy pair of ballet flats instead.

Do light-touch hair and make-up. Perfection is not the goal. Look clean and fresh, sheer foundation, mascara and a neutral lipstick..maybe some eyebrow wax. Hair looks better neat but not fussed like a nice low ponytail or headband to hold your back.

Have a signature something. Maybe a scarf you wear regularly, a broach or a vintage necklace. Having individual style gives you an edge at any job.

Reveal nothing! Don't dress sexy or even suggestively. No low necklines, high hemlines, too tight anything or stomach exposure. There's a fine line of looking professional and trashy. For example I can wear a shorter skirt or dress paired up with some dark tights and a pair of high boots with no heels and look professional or I could wear the same skirt with bare legs and heels and look like I'm going to the club. When in doubt....just don't. It's also suggested to skip the perfume, it can be distracting or even overwhelming to older people or people with allergies. It's always a good idea to dress like it's your first day on the job. We are always a bit more cautious when we are new and take a few less risks. Chances are this is the right look!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Men really don't fully understand what women go through to keep up their good looks but maybe that's because we really don't NEED to do everything we do!

1. Anti-aging cures-just like the fact that you probably don't need plastic surgery when you think you also don't probably need that super expensive creams and lotions for your laugh lines. Guys think that little laugh lines are a sexy quality...especially if they are the ones to put that smile on your face.

2. Padded Bras-yes, of course men stare at big breasts but maybe it's OUR imagination that they're staring because their big. stare at ALL breasts, not just the over sized ones. They say that the only thing that is really a let down in that department is when they remove a bra and they don't get what was advertised. So, reeling them in on that fishing line with a padded bra and then letting them down with false hope is a no-no. They'd rather know what they're getting from the start.

3. Living in heels-guys say that you don't have to wear heels to make yourself taller because they rarely notice height anyway. Most guys can not tell you how tall a girl is, they just say they're 'lady height'. So give your feet a break and be comfy in some ballet flats or flip flops.

4. Spanx and other Girdle things-what could be more of a turn on for a guy then find one of these under their date's dress? Guy's cant tell the difference if you look 10lbs thinner!

5. Obsessive leg shaving-guys can handle a little stubble. Men prefer a girl to be 'real' sometime and not always perfect...this does not mean grow hair longer than them! It just means a little stubble once in a while is quite fine..especially if you didn't have time to shave because you were rushing over to see them!

6. Wake-Up makeup-no guy wants to wake up next to 'fake' perfection. Where is the fun in that? They want to wake up to lip gloss gone, hair in a nest on the back of your head and your eyes a bit puffy..they take pride in knowing that they had something to do with your appearance!

So, stop being so hard on yourself. Guys like girls to be a bit more real, layed back and fun. Stop being so uptight and trying to be perfect because most guys feel your 'less perfect look' is really the 'right look'!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just like giving yourself a manicure, you can also save money by giving yourself a pedicure. The first step is to soften. Slough away calluses with a foot file in the shower or soak your feet. It's easier to do when your skin is moist. Once your feet are dry, drown them in foot balm or cream.

Second step is to trim. Cut your toenails to a length that hits just the tip of your toe. If you go much shorter you run a risk of ingrowns. Gently nudge cuticles down with the help of olive oil and a wood cuticle pusher.

Third step is find the perfect position. We all know that painting our toenails is not the most comfortable thing to do but if you sit in a chair and put your foot on a desk it usually works out quite nicely.

Fourth step is to paint. Do a base coat and don't skip this step. The basecoat prevents streaks in your toenail polish. Follow with two coats of the color and finish with a topcoat. Have fun with color, especially in the summer. Yellow and orange or even green or blue polish looks hot peeking out of your shoes.

Congratulations, you just gave yourself a pedicure and didn't spend a dollar (unless of course you bought new polish but that's investment!)


With today's economy, nail polish sales are up because it's an easy expense to cut off your beauty regimen. Going to get your nails done weekly can be costly but you can easily get a professional look all on your own.

First PREP your nails. Smooth nails with a buffer. Then rub a bit of olive oil over your cuticles to soften them and gently push them back with one of those wood cuticle pushers. No, you don't have to have 'cuticle oil'. Olive oil works perfect. Swipe away residue with polish remover. Next put on a base coat. This is an important step! Without your base coat you can and will get streaks in the nail polish. The base coat creates a smooth surface for color to stick to.

Second step is to apply two coats of polish with light-handed strokes. The tip is to hold the brush midcap, not at the top....this way you have more control over the brush stroke. Finish with a topcoat.

Third step is have PATIENCE! Let your nails dry on their own. Blowing on your nails creates bubbles and don't use fast drying oils and sprays. They make your polish prone to peeling.

If you do goof up your polish, just dot polish on the nicked spot, let dry and sweep topcoat over the entire nail. Good job you just gave yourself a manicure and saved a few bucks!