Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Many people assume weight training means getting bulky. This doesn't have to be the case and there are many benefits to adding weight training to your lifestyle. Lifting weights help you lose weight. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Cardio of course is a key element in weight loss but when you build muscles you increase the rate of your body's metabolism. Therefore, when you increase the rate of your metabolism you will be able to burn more fat since your body is burning more calories.

Weight training also increases your body strength and energy levels. In addition to this, your body physique also improves which will raise your self confidence. Weight training is also good for your mental health, like any other exercise, endorphins are released, making you happy. It's also good for slowing down the aging process. When you age, muscles are depleted so in order to counter this effect, it's important to continuously train your muscles. building muscles in your core is also essential to help posture and eliminate back aches. The stronger your body is, the healthier it is and the less risk you have for injury. Do something great for yourself and add weight training to your workout regimen.

Monday, December 28, 2009


If someone with sleep deprivation chooses to drive, the results can be fatal. There's over one hundred thousand car accidents a year that are caused by the driver either falling asleep at the wheel or being too tired to react quickly or have full concentration on the road. Tired drivers are more dangerous than drunk drivers. Drunk drivers only account for around 15,000. Since over one fourth of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, being on the road becomes more dangerous.

Sleep deprivation can also kill you through illness. When you're lacking in sleep your immune system is weakened. Your immune system needs sleep so it can catch up while the rest of your body is resting. Illness that is usually overcome easily becomes harder with a weak immune system caused from sleep deprivation. Your body needs sleep to maintain its health. No one has ever died from lack of sleep but you can die from the effects of sleep deprivation. If you think you are suffering from sleep loss you should talk to your doctor about possible medications. Sleep deprivation is a serious matter and one that should not be ignored.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


There are ways to avoid training injuries. Most gym acquired injuries can be avoided. Injury prevention should be of the highest priority because obviously obtaining any injury will deplete any gains previously accumulated. I speak from experience here being the victim of a serious groin injury this past end of summer. I am a runner and from the extreme last minute training, deciding I was indeed going to run the Detroit Marathon after all summer I had planned on only doing shorter races, I pulled my groin. Had I let it heal instead of thinking I could run through the pain and causing more injury it would have healed sooner. Instead I kept adjusting my stride to limp and ended up barely being able to walk for awhile and missing out on the most perfect fall season I've ever seen for running. (sigh) I needed to have taken my own advice that I've given to others so many times.

Well nourished muscled can take intense exercise and help risk of over training. Nutrition also aids in muscle development. However, the key strategy in my opinion is to avoid over training. The intensity level needs to correspond to the muscles ability. So don't increase your training by great amounts too quickly. Forcing the muscles to do more than they are ready for or able to is just asking for injury. workout intensity should be increased gradually and workout schedules must factor in recover time for the muscles to heal. (This was my flaw this past summer. I am one of THOSE people that literally gets jealous if I see someone running on my 'rest' day so then my day of rest is no more).

No matter what exercise you are performing, correct posture and form is extremely important. When an exercise is done incorrectly it can easily result in injury. To avoid injury the exercise should be performed with precise technique, speed, form and posture. Any kind of weight lifting should be done with a focused mind. Loosing focus puts you in greater danger for injury and use a spotter when needed.

Lastly, listen to your body. Learn the difference between sore and injury and when you know it's an injury....REST or you'll cause more damage! Trust me, I know. Let the injury heal completely before stimulating the same area again. Follow these few guidelines to help avoid training injuries.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's pretty easy (and fun) to get in shape by dancing. Most of us like to dance, and those that say they don't are probably the ones dancing around the house in their underwear the most. It not only helps us stay in shape physically but it helps keep you happy mentally since it aids in conquering stress by releasing endorphins. It's no surprise that exercise makes happier people so it only makes sense that dancing would have the same effect mentally.

Dancing is a fun activity that burns calories and you don't feel like you're actually working out. Fat accumulates around the hips, legs and waistline so dancing is a great way to get in shape. Dancing helps control high blood pressure also which deters cardiac disease.

Many high-end gyms have introduced dance session workouts. Professional dancers are hired who add dance moves to workouts. This attracts additional clientele for the facility as well. Most dance schools now also offer beginner and adult classes in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop and these classes definitely kick your butt. They may seem costly but really if you eliminate a few cups of coffee per week from your favorite spot will cover the expense.

Don't have time to go to class or the club? Dance at home! I've been known to put on a pair of heels while cleaning the house and when the right song comes on....well you know the rest. Oh, and you don't have to wear the high heels but isn't it just more fun?? So, crank up the music and get in shape by dancing!


It can take a lot of searching to find the best abdominal workout. Strengthening the muscles in this area can take a lot of trial and error. You'll know you found proper technique and a good routine when you feel sore afterward. Your abdominal workout includes more than just your abdominal exercises. You need to avoid junk food and allow your body a healthy balanced diet. Cardio is also a key element and when combined with the other two can help you find that six pack you're been searching for.

An exercise ball is a great way to begin with your Abs. You can do a sit up right on top of the ball. You'll want to lie on your back with the middle pressing o the ball. Next, fold your arms over your chest and begin to raise your upper body using your abs. Be sure to keep your head in line with your back. Do this exercise slowly keeping your technique.

The captain chair is an exercise done using a machine in the gym that looks like a bottom less chair up on stilts. Using your arms you'll hoist yourself up and rest your feet on the side rails. Next, you'll push your feet up until they come around level with your waist, keeping your legs straight and together. I love this machine because there's so many variations. You can bed your legs at the knees and crunch them up and also do the crunches side to side to work your obliques. The lower Ab muscles are the hardest to work and they are worked here with these exercises.

The bike crunch is a great exercise also. Lie on the floor with your back pressed against it. Use your elbows to touch your knees as you move your knees toward you in the air. Be sure to use your Ab muscles, not your arms and legs. This works best in three sets of 15-20 reps.

Whatever exercise you choose, you want to do them in group sets allowing your muscles a short rest period in between. Fitness experts recommend Ab workouts 2-3 times a week. Working them everyday doesn't give the muscles time to recover. Every time you work a muscle hard, the muscle tears so you must rest them for them to recover and build. Whatever exercise you choose, don't forget the cardio and don't underestimate the power of Yoga. Yoga helps build your core which is the center of your body so grab your mat and add Yoga into your abdominal workout routine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


By now everyone has heard the upsetting news of Brittany Murphy's death and that cause of death is still unknown. An autopsy was performed on Monday but it will take four to eight weeks for toxicology results to come back. A final cause of death is pending the tests.

The investigation has "no one focus at this time" but that multiple prescription medications were recovered from the home.

The prescription drugs were all written to her and no illegal drugs were found. All the medications were collected and booked as evidence.

The name of the drugs or quantities has not been released but Murphy's husband says that there was prescriptions for 'her time of the month' and cough syrup and that was about it. There seems to be no evidence of trauma or foul play.

Murphy, dogged by speculation she had an eating disorder or drug problem, expressed concerns about her frail frame in an eerie last interview that may prove prophetic.

"I am a bit thinner now than what I would like to be," she told Fox News' Pop Tarts at an event just 2 ½ weeks before her tragic death. She was quick to credit her workout routine.

"I was a ballerina for a long time," the saucer-eyed starlet said. "I still take ballet lessons now - what it does to your body is incredible."

Still, Murphy was upbeat and making plans for the future.

"As far as having a New Year's resolution, I'd love to have a child next year," she told Access Hollywood at the same event on Dec. 3.

Monday, December 21, 2009


At 19 years old, Taylor Swift is a bona fide superstar. Her 2006 self-titled debut album went triple platinum. Her most recent effort, Fearless, sold 2.1 million copies in less than two months. When she won Album of the Year at the 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards, she was the youngest person in history ever to do so and last year she sold more albums than any other artist, including Britany Spears, Lil Wayne and Coldplay! Just how did she manage to pull it all off? The answer's in her songs. After Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers broke off their relationship via a 27-second phone call, Taylor penned the hit song "Forever & Always," saying: "did I say something way too honest/That made you run and hide like a scared little boy?". Not that Swift is waiting around for Jonas to come to his sense. She's been prepping for her success her entire life. Her mom says her fingers would crack from playing the guitar so much and she was driven beyond anything ever witnessed. Now she's a hit maker who is juggling her role as one of the world's top recording artist with trying to be a teenager.

When asked how she felt about being the top selling artist last year she's is so down to earth saying news like that really blows her mind. She says she does get some paparazzi but not enough to make her ever not appreciate what she has. She wanted to be famous her whole life so she's not going to complain about a little paparazzi. She she's on tour she does anywhere from five-six interviews PER DAY! She also says she doesn't date a lot because she really is a workaholic but loves every minute of it. She had a record deal that didn't work out and it was devastating to her. When she was 13 she got a meeting with RCA Records and they said they wanted to sign her to a development deal. That means they want to watch you but they're not promising to make an album with you-kind of like a guy that wants to date you but not be your boyfriend. After a year you turn in your songs and they decide whether they want to shelf you, keep watching you, drop you or sign you to a record deal. They decided to shelf her. She had to decide whether to stay with a company that didn't believe in her but wanted to keep watching her or leave and take a chance to make it on her own...and that's just what she did.

Taylor has never been fascinated by the party lifestyle. She has no ambition to be a rebel. She loves to write honest songs that name real people, then get up onstage and live out those emotions in front of thousands of people, to her that is rebellion. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm with plenty of space to run and be a crazy kid with tangled hair.

Swift has three pinch-me moments in her life. The first performing on Saturday Night Live. The second playing the Houston rodeo for 72,000 people and the third was doing the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Her goal is to do a world tour...and some point move out of her parents house. She says she doesn't have to have a music career forever, she'll bow out gracefully when her time is up, have kids and plant a garden. Oh, and she says she's going to go gray when she's older. She doesn't want to be blond when she's 60 years old. Just another reason for the world to love her!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Actress Brittany Murphy died today. Although people die everyday, I happened to really like this actress. Brittany was 32 years old. The 911 call was made early this morning by her husband Simon Monjack in Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles fire department responded to a call at 8am where she was found unconscious in the shower. The time of death just after 10 am from Cardiac Arrest. Her husband, neighbors said seemed dazed watching paramedics wearing pajama bottoms and no shoes, has requested an autopsy that will be done Monday or Tuesday. Brittany's mother Sharon says that her daughter had a history of Diabetes.

Brittany was born in New Jersey and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. The great thing about her was that she has such an awesome unique look. Not the traditional looking Hollywood beauty, a look of her own and she was gorgeous. To add to her looks she was an incredible actress and very versatile in her roles and she appeared in some of my favorite movies. Some of the movies she acted in was Clueless, 8 mile, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Summer Catch, Just Married, Girl Interrupted, Sin City, Don't say a Word, Cherry Falls, Riding in cars with boys, Spun and my favorite....Uptown Girls. I can't think of a single movie that she didn't do just a great job in and she's so real and believable. Just Married is one I love to watch when I'm having a bad day....it always makes me laugh no matter what.

Many blessings and prayers to Brittany's husband, mother, family and friends. I'm sure she was like a breath of fresh air to be around to all those that loved her.


I've always wondered why on earth a female can spend $200 on a pair of jeans. I have tried on True Religion and Seven for all Mankind and never was impressed the feel and fit. Maybe their great on someone else but I figured the high spending on these items was just a trendy expense. I've always thought woman must be crazy to spend that kind of money on a pair of jeans....THAT IS UNTIL NOW. A couple weeks ago I went on a mission to find a new pair of jeans that I love and I was determined to not stop until that mission was accomplished. After trying on at least over 50 pair of jeans, my life was changed. I came across the HUDSON jean display at Macy's and I figured...why not add it to the pile. I grabbed several styles and headed to the fitting room, depressed after such a long day of wardrobe changes. As I put these jeans on I instantly fell in love, fell in love with the jeans and fell in love with how I looked in these jeans. They were transforming and so amazingly comfortable! The jeans are a lightweight denim with a bit of stretch. Not too much stretch that they change size after wearing yet enough to look better the longer you're in them. Let me tell you, these jeans wash and keep their shape and size unlike many jeans that shrink in all the wrong places...especially length. They're a perfect length for me. I am 5'8" and they are long enough to wear heels yet they look cute with flats or flip flops without looking sloppy. I cannot say enough about these jeans. The price tag was a hefty $197 plus tax but worth every penny. They are an investment and something that fits this perfect and lasts will get it's money worth out of. The downfall of these jeans....every pair and style fit perfect so I spent another half hour trying to decide on one pair! Oh and the best part...they're made in the USA. Next time you're shopping try a pair on and be ready to fall in love!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here's some tips to make the most of whatever Mother Nature gave you.

CAN EXERCISES LIKE PUSH-UPS REALLY MAKE YOUR BREASTS BIGGER AND FIRMER? To some extent. They won't affect your actual breasts, which don't contain muscle. (The only thing s that can make women's breasts significantly bigger, implants aside, are weight gain and pregnancy.) But exercise can build the pectoral muscles underneath, making you look a tad perkier, especially if you're on the small side. I recommend push ups or chest flies (lie on the floor with a weight in each hand, arms out in a T just below shoulder level; with a a slight bend at your elbows, bring weights together over your chest). Do three sets of 12 reps three times a week and you could see an improvement in three weeks.

IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN HELP PREVENT PREMATURE SAGGING? Actually, yes. How low you'll someday go (or won't) is largely determined by genes, but you can slow down the process by avoiding yo you weight gain and loss. It can stress and stretch breast ligaments, your natural support system. Also, wearing a bra that fits well, especially when working out can help prevent droopage as well by stabilizing breasts and reducing wear and tear on ligaments. Make sure your bra is firm around the body, since 90 percent of support comes from the band, not the straps. Women associate looseness with comfort but when a bra is loose it can't do its job.

DOES DRINKING COFFEE REALLY MAKE BREASTS SMALLER? You'd think so given the slew of headlines last year yet while studies did find that women with a certain gene variant who drank three or more cups of caffeinated joe a day had on average smaller breasts than those who downed less, that's not necessarily cause and effect.

WHY DO MY BREASTS GET BIGGER AND HURT SO MUCH RIGHT BEFORE MY PERIOD? Blame your homones. First, increased progesterone causes water retention, which can make breasts swollen and tender. Estrogen spikes too. they are working to prepare the body for pregnancy and signal the milk ducts to expand which can hurt. For sever pain, the pill may help, as can avoiding sugar, caffeine and anything high in sodium; those three boost fluid retention, which can make you temporarily bustier and bloated.

HOW COME MY BREASTS ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT SIZE? Because you're human! Very few women are symmetrical. Even a one to two cup difference is on the spectrum of what's normal. Gel bra inserts or sewn in padding can help compensate. A cause for concern, if one breast suddenly gets larger it could be a sign of a tumor but that's incredibly rare. If you notice anything different see your doctor.

WHY DO BREASTS GET STRETCH MARKS? It's from a growth spurt-during puberty, pregnancy or from other weight gain. Creams can't quite get rid of them but those marks do fade over time.

HOW DOES HAVING KIDS REALLY AFFECT YOUR BOOBS? Well, first, they'll probably get bigger. Post baby, many women report winding up with smaller breasts than before pregnanacy. There's no biological reason for breasts to shrink and stay smaller after nursing but the breast tissue may shift so that they may look smaller to you.

THE TWO MINUTE BOOB JOB: Put on a push up bra and grab a waterproof matte bronzer a couple of shades deeper than your skin. using a fluffy brush, apply from the inside of your cleavage and swoop up about an inch over each breast. Now swipe shimmery waterproof highlighter just below the bronzer line and over the tops of breasts.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO STAY VIGILANT ABOUT BREAST CANCER? You don't need to be obsessive but you do need to know your breasts so you can recognize changes. Experts say it's not uncommon for women to feel a lump while sudsing up in the shower or even when they're with a partner. If something doesn't seem right, check in with your doctor. Be sure to get a clinical exam from a doctor once a year. No matter what, don't overdo the drinking, anew study links alcohol to breast cancer. And, keep your weight healthy. The closer your body mass index is to normal the less likely you are to develop breast cancer. Period.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Remember how your mom always said "Get your hair off your face!"? Well she was right-you really ARE even more beautiful with your hair pulled back.

1. Try a double band updo-Work a mousse in your hair and blow dry. Make waves with a curling iron, then loosely twist hair back and pin in a bun (let a few pieces fall out). Slip on two stretchy bands, one behind the other,nudge hair into shape and hairspray.

2. Make a polished ponytail-Spritz a heat styler on damp hair; blow dry. Run a flatiron through for extra sleekness. Pull back into a high pony tail and tie on a pretty ribbon.

3. Work a classic bun-No style is simpler or chicer. blow dry using a paddle brush, then comb in a side part. Brush hair back at your nape and twist it around, pinning as you shape it into a bun.

4. Do a Very, very big Pouf-You're gonna need a lot of height for this '50's do. Start with a foam ring or hair doughnut. Leaving out the front part of your hair, make a high pony. slip on the ring and rape hair all around it, pin in in several spots. now brush the front back, secure in place and spray.

5. Go high on top, low below-This is one of the most versatile styles. It's dressy enough for an event yet loose enough for jeans. Apply volumizer to damp hair and air dry. Brush hair into a low side pony tail but don't completely pull the end of it through the elastic-you'll make a messy chignon. Now be a tease: Run a comb up and down the front and spray.

6. The super quick fix-Center part. Headband. Done!

Friday, December 11, 2009


The first step to getting your money under control is creating a budget. The process of looking honestly at your finances is like entering a 12-step program. You have to get over your denial and take a frank look at how much life costs you.

YOUR FIXED EXPENSES-These are the ones that stay the same every month like rent, bills and car payments, not groceries or trips to the drugstore. These fixed expenses should take up no more than 60% of your take-home pay, with housing being about half of that. If this stuff is eating up more, it's time to make some cuts.

YOUR GENERAL SAVINGS-In addition to your retirement contribution, you should be socking away 5-10% of your take home pay every month. Set it up to go into your savings account automatically if possible. If you're a bartender, waitress, hairdresser etc it's even easier...just set aside a percentage when you come home from work everyday.

YOUR LIVING EXPENSES-This is what you have left to live on-what pays for your groceries, clothing, going out, vacations and the credit card debt you accrued over spending on these things. Ideally, it should take up 30% of your take home pay. For many of us, that slice of the pie will take up a bigger percentage so start looking of cuts you can make.

THREE TRICKS TO HELP YOU STAY ON A BUDGET-1. Set aside a money moment each week. If you spend 30 minutes every Monday or Tuesday looking at your finances, you won't have to think about it for the rest of the week. 2. Do the green experiment. Use nothing but cash for a week. This will help you rethink the way you spend money. Put your debit/credit cards in a plastic bag full of water and in the freezer. 3. Use your secret weapon, the Internet. To help you keep track of how much you're spending, the new online tools are great. My favorite is mint.com because you link the site with your online credit card and bank accounts and it spits out colorful pie chars showing you how you spend your money all for free.

START SAVING FOR RETIREMENT...NOW!-After paying taxes, saving for retirement is your most important financial priority. period. Why the big rush to save money you won't need for 45 years? Because those years fly by faster than you think. Save at least 10% of your pretax salary and start now. Women live longer than men and are more likely to take time off to raise kids so you need to save earlier and more aggressively.

GIVE YOUR MONEY TLC AND WATCH IT GROW-When it comes to that general savings portion of your budget, your savings do more for you than any fabulous outfit every could. They give you independence. Just think of it as paying yourself first.

KNOW HOW MUCH TO SAVE-You need a budget and you need to set aside at least 5-10% of your take home pay. Even if you're living paycheck to paycheck and that seems impossible, remember the more the better but do what you can. The most important thing is to get in the habit of saving and the right place to put it.

A REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNT-What should you keep here? Enough money to cover at least three months' worth of expenses or saving you want immediate access to for a vacation etc. Half of all women ages 18 to 65 told an AARP survey that it would be a challenge to deal with an unexpected $1000 expense. having that cushion in an east to tap savings account means a fender bender or unanticipated medical bill won't throw you for aloop. Savings accounts don't earn huge interest rates but they're stable, safe places to put money for emergencies. You'll probably get the best deal if you start one online or in the same bank where you have a checking account. If you can get into the habit of saving in your twenties, by the time you are 30, you'll have something pretty good in your hands.

CDs OR MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTS-What do you keep here? Money that you won't need for at least 6 to 12 months but that you might need sometime in the next five years. These are good places to put extra money once you have your emergency fund established. Just know that while money market accounts and certificates of deposit earn greater interest than most savings accounts, they also have more restrictions. you'll pay a penalty if you pull money out early so make sure you have your cushion fund in your savings account set up first before attempting this account.

THE STOCK AND BOND MARKET-What do you keep here? Money you won't need for at least five years. This is where your long-term savings goes and yes you do need some of that. Many women say they are terrified of the stock market. Don't be! Sure the fluctuations of the market are risky but you have to keep in mind why you are investing. Long term this where you'll make the most money. What's more is research has shown that when women do invest in the market we earn slightly more on investments than med do, largely because we do it more conservatively. Young women should resist the urge to look at uneasy financial times as in the past year as an excuse no to get into the stock market. You should put the bulk of your investments in stock because the younger you are the more risk you can take. a smaller percentage of your savings should be in bonds, a safer investment than stocks. Talk to a financial planner or do your own research about the market. Your odds are better with exchange traded funds which are similar to mutual funds but without heavy fees, chosen by professionals.

DUMP THE DEBT THAT'S STRESSING YOU OUT-Ladies, listen up, there's a good chance your debt is keeping you from saving for retirement. That means one thing, you're got to get rid of it. We all want to look good, feel good and have a good time so we go ahead and charge things. The problem is we are hurting ourselves and our future in the end!

LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND BAD DEBT-Not all debt is created equal. If yous start a business and spend $2000 on a home office, it's an investment in yourself and your future-that's good debt. so are federal student loans, which get you an education so you can snag that higher paying job and for the most part, mortgages. The goal is to avoid bad debt like revolving, high interest situations where you aren't investing in anything but the bottom line of the credit card companies.

UNDERSTAND THE COST OF BAD DEBT-Aim to open your bill every month and see a previous balance of $0. The way interest payments work is horrifying. Look at the numbers. Say you have $10,000 worth of debt on a credit card with a 14 percent interest rate. If you make only the minimum payment on that debt, it will take you 15 years to pay it off and you will end up paying more than an additional $10,000 in interest alone.

STOP MAKING NEW DEBT-In other words, no using your credit cards while you're trying to pay off balances.

TRANSFER BALANCES ONTO LOWER-INTEREST CARDS-If you are paying crushing interest on your balances, transfer your debts to a lower-rate card. The rule is if your rate is 12 percent of higher it's time to shop around. Make sure you read the fine print though. A lot of credit cards offer low interest rate to lure in new customers only to have the rates skyrocket down the road. You can also call your credit card company and ask them to lower your rate. In today's economy a lot of them are willing to work with on this.

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CREDIT SCORE-The single largest indicator of your credit health is your credit, or FICO score. Your score is a number between 300 and 850 that tells landlords and mortgage lenders how likely you are to repay debts. The median is 723 so higher than that is your goal. One of the biggest factors used to determine your score is your debt to credit ratio.

ASK FOR HELP-If you can't manage alone, find a non profit credit counselor at nfcc.org, a nationally recognized group. They will create a payment plan for you and be your advocate with lenders. The majority of their counselors provide serves free, those who do charge have an average fee of less than $20. using one won't affect your credit. That's potentially lifesaving financial help for the price of a round of drinks. Nothing could be more worth it.


DO IGNORE TRENDS (SOMETIMES)-Natural makeup is never wrong. a little bit of foundation, a neutral shadow and some lip gloss is always chic adn groomed for day. That being said, for evening you shoudl dare more....red lipstick is the hottest trend that never goes out of style.

DON'T UNDERESTIMATE PONYTAILS-A straight-forward ponytail is perfect anytime. It's easy but very chic as long as it's not greasy...you know what I mean. Some gals feel they have to wear their hair down to 'go out'. Studies show that guys find ponytails sexy because it looks sexy and also looks like the girl isn't trying to hard.

DO SPRITZ NAKED-It feels so sensual to spray fragrance on bare skin. Try a dash of perfume on your cleavage or on your back.

DON'T GET STUCK IN A PERFUME RUT-Your personality changes according to your mood, so why let just one scent define you?

DO KNOW THE POWER OF LIPSTICK-On a woman's face, lipstick is the hero. the color you choose can change your whole appearance from natural to strong and dramatic.

DON'T EVER FORGET TO BE YOURSELF-There is nothing less attractive than someone who's trying too hard. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with yourself and your look. That's as true for makeup as it is for an evening gown.

DO KNOW THAT SMART IS ULTIMATELY SEXY-Brain power is a sexy feature that shows through from the inside out!


First do some quick prep! Bright colors only make flakes more obvious. Gently rub lips with a wet toothbrush and pat dry, then dab on a nongreasy lip balm, like Chapstick. TAKE YOUR TIME! Red lipstick is not a color you can slap on as you zip out the door. If you apply intense lipstick haphazardly it'll look like your mouth was doing something it shouldn't have. For lasting neatness, trace matching red lip liner along your mouth's natural line, soften the edge with a finger, then completely fill in lips with liner. Now dust powder on top, add lipstick with a tiny brush, blot and reapply. GO EASY ON THE SHINE! When you're wearing bright red lipstick you do not need to add more attention to your mouth. dot on clear gloss just in the middle of your lower lip. Don't be afraid to try it out before dark. Sheer reds are pretty during the day.

FAIR SKIN-If you have fair skin then coral-y reds look most beautiful on you; they add a shot of color but aren't overpowering.

MEDIUM SKIN-If you have medium skin then anything from true red to pinky-cranberry shades will work well with your golden undertones.

DARK SKIN-If you have dark skin then stick with deep, rich colors like burgundy or warm brick-super bright ones can seem to harsh.

Don't be scared to spend more then a few dollars on your red lipstick. Think of it as an investment like your favorite pair of jeans. Go to a make up counter and have a professional try on a few colors for you...that's what they're there for! Enjoy your red lipstick!

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This is for every woman, every night. You will start seeing a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging. Use new Advanced Night Repair and it will help continuously repair the appearance of past damage caused by every major environmental assault such as UV light, smoke, pollution and even emotional stress. If you want younger, healthier looking skin now and in the future, don't go a night without it. This has 20 patents worldwide and it costs $47.50 and it is worth every penny!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here's some resolutions for 2010 that any woman can stick to!

1. Don't let a week go by without telling someone that you love them. Out loud. Pets count....this makes it super easy!

2. If you can't find something decent to watch on TV, turn it off.

3. Find out the dates of every election in your district (check out smartyvoter.org). Vote in all of them-and enjoy the feeling of getting involved.

4. Always read the kid a book!

5. All together now: this year there will be no drunk texting of exes!

6. Buy less! Am I really going to wear that pair of shoes? Am I really going to carry that bag?

7. You know those days when no one's around and you download that song that always makes you dance, and then you kill five minutes completely rocking it in your house? Make lots of days one of those days.

8. Buy a good decision piggy bank. Pay yourself a dollar every time you skip the third drink, go to be early or make the difficult phone call. At the end of the year buy yourself a good decision present! you earned it.

9. For every time he initiates it, initiate it more.

10. On January2, sit down take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down five reasons you would want to marry yourself. Doesn't that feel nice? Happy new year!


Leggings are even more popular this year than they were last year if you can believe it. We all want to have our own look and be a bit representative but there are rules and there is a time and a place for everything and this goes for leggings too. Here's a few idea to wear them with.....and don't forget leggings don't just mean black! Play with animal prints, red, purple, etc.

1. Zebra print leggings with a sequence dress which now is a long top, paired with some funky boots.

2. Black leggings with a tee and a long trench coat and a pair of ballet flats.

3. Leopard print leggings with a long white tank, pink tee and a jean jacket or a dressy jacket.

4. Red leggings with a white long sleeve tee and a yellow sports vest...don't forget a white visor and some high black heel boots to dress up the sports look.

5. Black leggings with a mini dress is always safe....curb the slut look and go for ballet flats instead of the heels you will be tempted to throw on.

6. Flowered leggings with a boy fit sweater, canvas sneakers and your grandpa's top hat.

7. Multi-colored leggings with a jean mini, cut up sweatshirt and our favorite ballet flats.

8. Tie-dyed leggings and with a tutu...yes I said a tutu...Sara Jessica Parker rocked one out in Sex in the city and so can you....of course you pair it up with a retro non matching sweater.

9. Leather looking leggings with a long tank and a short sweater

10. Your choice....have fun

Leggings look great on anyone if you pair them with the right top and shoes. They are not appropriate for work unless you are in a more casual environment or a trendy/fashion kind of place..then they're ok but still be conscious of what you pair them with...a dress shirt or jacket is cute.

There are a few things to avoid when experimenting with leggings. Although we do love prints.....don't go for the optical illusion thing with striped leggings and a plaid top. make sure they don't cut you off at the knee. Please don't pair leopard with satin and skip the sheer.