Friday, November 6, 2009


Men really don't fully understand what women go through to keep up their good looks but maybe that's because we really don't NEED to do everything we do!

1. Anti-aging cures-just like the fact that you probably don't need plastic surgery when you think you also don't probably need that super expensive creams and lotions for your laugh lines. Guys think that little laugh lines are a sexy quality...especially if they are the ones to put that smile on your face.

2. Padded Bras-yes, of course men stare at big breasts but maybe it's OUR imagination that they're staring because their big. stare at ALL breasts, not just the over sized ones. They say that the only thing that is really a let down in that department is when they remove a bra and they don't get what was advertised. So, reeling them in on that fishing line with a padded bra and then letting them down with false hope is a no-no. They'd rather know what they're getting from the start.

3. Living in heels-guys say that you don't have to wear heels to make yourself taller because they rarely notice height anyway. Most guys can not tell you how tall a girl is, they just say they're 'lady height'. So give your feet a break and be comfy in some ballet flats or flip flops.

4. Spanx and other Girdle things-what could be more of a turn on for a guy then find one of these under their date's dress? Guy's cant tell the difference if you look 10lbs thinner!

5. Obsessive leg shaving-guys can handle a little stubble. Men prefer a girl to be 'real' sometime and not always perfect...this does not mean grow hair longer than them! It just means a little stubble once in a while is quite fine..especially if you didn't have time to shave because you were rushing over to see them!

6. Wake-Up makeup-no guy wants to wake up next to 'fake' perfection. Where is the fun in that? They want to wake up to lip gloss gone, hair in a nest on the back of your head and your eyes a bit puffy..they take pride in knowing that they had something to do with your appearance!

So, stop being so hard on yourself. Guys like girls to be a bit more real, layed back and fun. Stop being so uptight and trying to be perfect because most guys feel your 'less perfect look' is really the 'right look'!

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