Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why do we as females think we have to be perfect for our guy to love us? Guys don't notice the hours we spend primping ourselves! Save yourself the time and your man will be more into you! It's not your boobs, butt or bank account! Guys want you to chill.

1. You don't have to miss out on creme brulee! Men love women of all shapes, with bodies and legs and soft things to hold on to and ti takes food to get that way. They think of your ribs as something that protects organs...they don't want to see them. Guys don't notice when you lose 5lbs because they don't notice things like that! They're idea of perfection is a little non-perfection.

2. You don't have to make his hobbies your hobbies and his life your life! Doing everything together is a tried and true path to resentment and breakups. It's good for relationships to spend time apart. You don't' have to pretend to like football or golf. Let him hang with his friends for this time and you hang with your friends...or give yourself some alone time and take a bubble bath. Then you have more things to talk about over breakfast! When you spend too much time together you don't have anything to talk about.

3. You don't have to become Jenna Jameson when the bedroom door shuts! Sure hot and crazy spontaneous sex is NECESSARY but sometimes the best sex is the simplest, no tricks. It's honest and passionate and it's more connecting. Sex isn't some game you win by constantly pushing yourself and your boundaries.

4. You don't have to look perfect! Guys DO care about how you look but sometimes they feel your naturalist look IS your best look. They are freaked out by eyelash curlers and don't at all understand their necessity. Guys don't' complain about you not wearing enough makeup...just the opposite. Sure it's OK to go for the smoked eye when you're going out but when you're having movie nights...opt for just some lip gloss. As for the hair, good luck finding a guy who notices chunky, buttery highlights and perfectly executed blowouts. They're not concerned with straight or curly, they are concerned with if they can run their fingers through it.

5. You don't have to be the daughter their parents never had! His parents are not your parents. Unless you spend ten year together or have given them grandchildren, you do not have to buy his mom a birthday present after you break up. You don't have to go overboard with affection, especially if it's fake. Being polite and being yourself is enough. Yes, it is appropriate to offer to help with dishes after dinner.

6. You don't have to spend money on lingerie! No-frills colorful fun cotton underwear says that woman knows she's hot and she doesn't have to convince anyone of it. Guys are already sold on boobs! You don't need a corset, a push up bra, cutlets or anything else...they already love what you have.....throw on a boy beater and you're set.

The most sexy quality any guy will tell you is our confidence so whatever you're wearing (or not wearing) feel sexy and you will be sexy!

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