Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The sexiest hair look you can do is the beautiful wave look...you know, the look that looks like it just fell that way but we all know you had to work at it! First do a blowout. Starting with a straight-ish hair gives you the style extra swing and you don't have to get it perfectly sleek, just straight and dry. Run volumizer through damp roots, flip your head over and start with the cool setting. There's less risk of heat damage this way. Then switch to 'hot' once your hair's mostly dry, bring your head back up and finish with a round brush softly tugging two inch sections up and away from your scalp.

Next step is to create your spirals. Mist on a light hairspray, then wrap three inch chunks of hair around a medium-barreled curling iron, holding it vertically for undone waves. Put shine serum on your fingers and rake through your hair to gently break up the curl. Your hands are your best comb! My little secret when my curl maybe is starting to fall later in the day....I put my hair in a funky bun and spray lightly with hairspray, give it a few minutes and shake it down...VOILA, you have your wave back.

* Try to remember to use planet-friendly products. Green formulas really work so why not do something good for the earth when you style your hair? And, don't forget to recycle your empties.

* Invest in good hot tools. I use a BaByliss dryer, it is gentle yet speedy and use ceramic items.

* Shampoo twice a week if possible, three times at the most!! Shampooing your hair less keeps your hair healthy. You can ward off the greasies with hair powder..this stuff is my best friend, especially because I'm a runner but the powder is amazing, it soaks up the oil and any odor. Blandi's makes a Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray and so does Bumble and Bumble.

* Condition, condition, condition! People are afraid it's going to flatten their hair, but that's not the case. Conditioning repairs damage and nourishes the roots.

Beauty Quickie-To knock out flyaways, spritz your brush with antistatic spray like static guard and run through your hair. Everyone knows in the cold months when your heat is ran in your house you are more likely to have your hair look like you rubbed it on a balloon. A tiny bit of antistatic spray goes a LONG way!

Have fun!

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