Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the cold months sometimes it gets harder to get motivate to do just about anything....I swear I feel my blood going into hibernation mode sometimes. Next time your brain starts screaming "Get me a Red Bull!!"....try these ideas instead.

1. Wear something bright-a new holiday dress, a cherry polish your fingers or toes-just looking at those could help you have a peppier day. You can even write on a red or pink paper. Surrounding yourself in color adds a little cheer in your life. Consider putting a bit of bright color in a room in your house you spend a lot of time in. Are you one of those people that play it safe and wear a lot of blacks or browns to work? That's fine, invest in a super fun, bright, crazy colored scarf and matching gloves! It will make you smile just putting them on to go outside!

2. Turn on a lamp-light sends your brain a message to wake up. Perfect for bleary mornings and mid-afternoon slumps. There has been studies that prove that exposure to bright light between noon and 4:00pm significantly reduced people's feelings of fatigue and sleepiness. What's better then a lamp? Step out into some real sunshine. Sure it's cold out but there's nothing like a walk on a cold day with plenty of sunshine! Take your four legged friend for a walk! If you're like me...I have no choice! Me and my dogs walk everyday, rain or shine, snow or sun but I love when I come in from the cold weather on a sunny day and my cheeks are all rosy and I have a glow.

3. Pat yourself on the back-this is a simple stretch to open the muscles in your chest so you can take deeper breaths and get more energizing oxygen. To do this, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at sides. Swing left arm across your body, twisting your torso and head to the right and tap your right shoulder, allowing your right arm to swing out behind you. Switch sides, twisting torso and head left and swinging right arm across your body to tap your left shoulder. Repeat, going back and forth in a fluid motion for three minutes. It may sound silly but it works.

4. Take a five minute walk-yup I'm here on the walk again. Taking a five minute walk gives people up to two hours of increased energy. You can do this at work on your break or at home. Sitting there watching TV, trying to get motivation to get stuff done? Bundle up walk to the corner and back and it's just enough to kick start your mind into work mode.

5. Have sex!-this wont work on the job but if you need a pick-me-up, a quickie may be just the thing. Sex releases what is called a 'cocktail of happy hormones.'

Heath quickie-heart doctors say women should limit sugar intake to 6tsp a day; a can of regular soda has 8!

Eat more! Eat more things good for you that is! It's no secret we like to snack when it's cold and we're cooped up inside. I'm not making you eat celery either but instead of that bowl of ice cream that is just going to make you hungrier, how about some hummus or make some homemade guacamole? Popcorn, nuts or fruit is always great too. I share an apple with my two dogs every night. I cut it into tiny squares so it's snacking size and we all share it. It's a great snack and it's good for you!

P.S. Don't forget to go for a walk!!!!

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