Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just like giving yourself a manicure, you can also save money by giving yourself a pedicure. The first step is to soften. Slough away calluses with a foot file in the shower or soak your feet. It's easier to do when your skin is moist. Once your feet are dry, drown them in foot balm or cream.

Second step is to trim. Cut your toenails to a length that hits just the tip of your toe. If you go much shorter you run a risk of ingrowns. Gently nudge cuticles down with the help of olive oil and a wood cuticle pusher.

Third step is find the perfect position. We all know that painting our toenails is not the most comfortable thing to do but if you sit in a chair and put your foot on a desk it usually works out quite nicely.

Fourth step is to paint. Do a base coat and don't skip this step. The basecoat prevents streaks in your toenail polish. Follow with two coats of the color and finish with a topcoat. Have fun with color, especially in the summer. Yellow and orange or even green or blue polish looks hot peeking out of your shoes.

Congratulations, you just gave yourself a pedicure and didn't spend a dollar (unless of course you bought new polish but that's investment!)

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