Sunday, November 8, 2009


The new trend seems to be no trend. Anything goes. The days of having to have a certain look to go out is over. It's 7:00 PM are you don't know what you're doing with your hair and make up tonight? No problem! There's plenty of options.

Try supersizing your hair! The trick to big beautiful waves is spritzing on hairspray before you curl your hair. Then you wind one-inch sections around a curling iron. Brush out gently and spray again. Don't let frizz ruin your look! You can dab a little de-fuzzer on strays. A good inexpensive one is L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Perfect Curves Curl Cream for $5.00.

Next is to show some skin! Summer nights call for something magical but hey, if you're going to be inside can still show some skin. Even a bit of a bare shoulder or collar bone with some shimmer lotion is so incredibly sexy..hold the glitter please....I said shimmer. If you opt for a bit of pretty skin showing, sweep your hair into a touchable updo. Blow dry your hair and just pin it up with a few hair pins and spray lightly. If strands fall out of place it's perfect.

Do ONE bold thing. The key word is ONE. If you're wearing 5 inch stripper heels, play down your make up. If you're going for a subtle sexy look, bust out fuchsia blush or nails or really wing out your eyeliner. An awesome eyeliner for creating this look is Dior Kohl Pencil in black that's available at Sephora for $26. That may sound expensive but it stays put which is worth it all by itself. Luminescent foundation can be fun too but if you're playing with bright colors on your makeup they look best against a matte face.

An important tip is to smell unforgettable. You want your scent to stand out without being the female equivalent of the cologned up guy you can whiff across the dance floor. Dab just a bit on your wrists then mist a bit into the air and walk through so the scent clings to your hair...yes, just like they do in the movies. Scent lingers on hair longer than on your skin but you don't want to spray it right on your hair. You might not know...don't rub your wrists together too hard when applying perfume because that creates a lot of heat which can make it wear off faster.

Bronze your eyes! Apply a bronzy shadow from your lash line to brow bone fading as you go. Estee Lauder makes a gorgeous one called Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Stick in Bronze. Next smudge a gunmetal gray pencil on your upper lash line and add mascara. Please don't do shimmery lips with a bronze eye. It's not Halloween! Matte lips with shimmery eyes or vise versa.

Some beauty products that miraculously make you sexier instantly are :

1. Lippmann collection Nail Lacquier in It's Raining Men color $15 from
2. Diorshow iconic Extreme Mascara in Extreme black $27
3. Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in Lilac $19 from
4. YSL Everlong Mascara in waterproof in Ever Peacock Blue $29
5. Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Tart $15
6. Flora by Gucci eau de toilette $65 for 1.7 oz at
7. Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick in Geisha $45
8. Oribe Rock Hard Gel makes a gorgeous slick back look $33 at
9. Dior Addict Ultragloss Reflect in Nylon Pink $26 at is a gorgeous gloss

These are just a few products. Some people cant think about spending more than $10 a beauty product and believe me, I am not a rich person but I feel that a pamper or amazing beauty product is an investment. If it is a good product that looks amazing and makes you feel good when you wear it then it is worth every penny. You deserve it! You can even put a dollar away everyday and then when you find a product you want to splurge on you use your 'beauty fund'. Sephora is really good about having very qualified beauty professionals to give you an honest opinion on a product or show you how to use something properly. Have fun on your night out when your new sexy look!

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